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I, like many other people, want to cover my dark circles under my eyes and so I was keen to try Essence's Say NO To Dark Circles Crayon which I mentioned in my huge beauty haul the other week. I picked this crayon up after watching RachhLoves' video on YouTube and so I was really keen to try it.

I haven't used a corrector in crayon form before but I had high hopes after Rachel comparing it to higher end correctors. It's in a twist up crayon which makes it really easy to use and the crayon itself is quite small to perfect for handbag size. But I do think it will last for a while as you don't need to use huge amounts for each application.

The crayon itself does correct the darkness under my eyes well, but it can be a little drying so I wouldn't recommend this if you have a particularly dry skin type. I'd say you definitely need to moisturise and prime before applying this as otherwise it can be a little difficult to blend. I've also tried applying this on top of my foundation, but it doesn't work as well that way and can become a little cakey.

Overall, I do really like this crayon and I will be using it up, but I'll still try other dark circle correctors in the drugstore if I come across any - mainly because I'm curious! If you're looking for a budget product to conceal your dark circles under your eyes I'd say you give this a try!

Have you ever tried any dark circle correctors?

With Summer just around the corner (or at least I hope so, please let us have some sun in the UK!) I thought I'd compile a list of 5 things to do this Summer.

1 | Have a picnic with loved ones
Whether this be in your back garden or in a local National Trust garden, picnics and Summer go hand in hand. I'd say just remember a blanket as no one wants to be sat on scratchy grass all afternoon!

2 | Catch up with old friends
Losing contact with friends is tough, but Summer is the perfect time to catch up. Although it's my final year at uni, some of my friends aren't graduating this year (lucky gals, and I'm jealous!) so I know they'll be home around Summer and it's the perfect time for a catch up and doesn't require a 6 hour train journey and £75+ on the tickets (seriously, why can we not all go to the same uni?!).

3 | Make time for your hobbies
I personally love photography, but whilst I'm at uni I don't take many photos. Okay, that's not true - I do take loads of photos but they're all on my phone and not on my 'real' camera. I love being home and using my DSLR and taking photos that I'm proud of.

4 | Visit local attractions
This may seem like an obvious ones, but usually we're so busy with our lives that we don't get to explore where we live. For me, I love visiting little cafes, National Trust Gardens, and going for walks in the countryside. If you have a look on Trip Advisor or even just Google attractions near you, I'm sure you'll find somewhere you've not been and will be pleasantly surprised.

5 | Go on a road trip
This one is contradictory to the last suggestion, but going on a road trip for the weekend can also be really fun. Even if you just go somewhere for a day trip, pick a city that you'd love to go to, grab your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/loved ones and bring them along with you. Then you can explore a new city together and I'm sure you'll have a great time. 

Have you got any plans for this summer?

Since being a uni student, I feel I have mastered the art of procrastination (not that it's a good thing), and a huge part of that is binge watching series. So here's what I've been watching and loving recently.

Suits | Netflix
I am currently obsessed with Suits which is a series on Netflix about a law firm and how one man, Mike Ross, finds himself running from a scandal and into a law firm. It's full of drama, but easy to watch. Oh, and you don't need to understand law to watch it at all so don't let that put you off. I started watching it about 10 days ago and I've just started Season 4 as I type this...oops.

In The Club | BBC iPlayer
I accidentally stumbled upon this on iPlayer a few weeks ago, and I'm really enjoying it. I've started on Series 2 as the first series is no longer available on iPlayer, but there's a 'catch up' clip on iPlayer so you know the storyline. It's basically surrounding Mothers and Mothers to be and the trials and tribulations of having children and they're all experiencing different life events. It's honestly really funny, makes you want to cry and is also really gripping.

Geordie Shore | MTV
Some people may hate Geordie Shore, but since coming to uni I've started to love it. It's hilarious, cringe-worthy but a brilliant watch. Incase you didn't know, it's basically a group full of Geordie's who get drunk and go out regularly and all the drama that occurs from drunk arguments and housemates sleeping with each other.

Teen Mom | MTV
I love any kind of Teen Mom programme, I can't get enough. Since having Sky at uni, I've become addicted. My favourite couple are Catelynn and Tyler and I even follow Catelynn on Instagram and Twitter, yep I can't help myself. I will admit if I watch Teen Mom hungover I am partial to crying at a few episodes...don't laugh it happens sometimes!! Haha.

What are you currently watching and what would you recommend I watch?

I have two affordable lipsticks that I'm loving this month and I wanted to share them with you, as they're perfect for Spring and Summer. Both of these are budget friendly and won't break the bank. Max Factors Stardust Pink is a beautiful pale pink shade, that is moisturising and glides onto the lips beautifully. I wouldn't have usually picked this shade up when looking at it in the tube, but once swatched it's gorgeous. Kiko's Smart Lipstick in Almond is a more nude toned pink and smells incredible - you read that right, it smells just like MAC lipsticks and that's just a bonus. The lipstick itself is moisturising, pigmented and I am obsessed with it, I wish I'd bought two. 

Both of these lipsticks have been worn constantly this month, and they're perfect for Spring/Summer. Kiko's Almond transitions nicely into a nighttime look for me as well, paired with a smokey eye and a not-so-subtle highlight. Both of these lipsticks are really affordable and I'm loving them at the moment.

What are your favourite lipsticks at the moment?

Fcuk Sugarscrub // Ted Baker Body Lotion // Cymex Lip Protector 

I wrote a post very similar to this but regarding makeup declutter on Tuesday so if you want to read that, click here. As I mentioned then, I'm leaving uni forever in less than 2 weeks and so I've been trying to clear out as much of room as possible so I'm not taking back products that have one use left in them. Today is my shower edition as I've used up all these products this week!
I actually liked all of these products, but my favourite has to be Cymex Lip Protector, which is perfect for all year round and contains SPF15. 

What products have you used up lately?

I've used the same brow products for years, Elf Studio Brow Kit. However, the other week I wanted to try something new and I'm talking about the Makeup Revolution Ultra Shape Arch & Brow. 

To begin with, this is a double ended product so as you can see one end is a felt tip and the other is a pencil. I picked up the shade 'medium', but it took me a few trips to different Superdrug stores to find medium. I hadn't tried a felt tip for my eyebrows before so I was really intrigued and I wasn't sure if I liked it first, but now I really do.

I love the felt tip for filling in my brows on lazy days or the days I wear more natural makeup. It's not the most pigmented product I have to say, and it tends to dry out a little unless you store it upside down, but that doesn't bother me too much. I use little flicks to try and make it look like natural hairs in my brows and find it works really well for me.

The pencil side is the one I'll reach for on a night out or when I'm making more of an effort and I'm really quite impressed. It's really pigmented, but you do have to be careful when applying it that you don't use too much pressure or you'll suddenly have really thick and dark brows very quickly. 

Top - Pencil // Bottom - Felt Tip

I find it really easy to use and definitely a bargain buy. The only downside as I previously mentioned would be that the felt tip side appears to dry out quite quickly unless you store it upside down but for the price of the product I can deal with it for sure!

What's your favourite brow product?

Yesterday afternoon I started a much needed makeup declutter and I'm feeling so much better for it. I leave uni forever in less than 2 weeks and I need to find a way to pack up 3 years worth of uni stuff and take it back home to my little box room. So with that in mind I've been tidying and decluttering these past few days. 

A few note able products I love from this bunch and will repurchase are: 
- Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit (this is my favourite eyebrow kit, review here)
- Seventeen Blowout Mascara 
- Seventeen Stay Time Concealer (Holy grail concealer hands down, review here)

How often do you have a beauty declutter?