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I think it's safe to say most of us find washing our makeup brushes a tedious task, but I've got a few tips for you that will make it a little less boring, and maybe even enjoyable! A little while ago I wrote about how I deep clean my brushes and you can read that here

1 | Watch Netflix as you clean
This one is my favourite as it really does make the task seem less dull. I tend to pop on Gossip Girl or whatever I'm watching at the time and it keeps me occupied and I sort of forget I have loads of brushes left to wash!

2 | Don't wash all your brushes at once
I used to do this and be faced with a pile of 20+ brushes and sigh at the thought of washing them all. Now, I wash my brushes at separate times and that way I'm only doing 5/6 at a time and it seems a lot more manageable. 

3 | Tackle the dirtiest brushes first 
I find tackling the dirtiest brushes (usually foundation brushes) first gets it out the way and then I'm left with brushes that take half the time.

4 | Buy a cleaning glove
These gloves have been about for years now, I blogged about mine here in 2013 which I've been using ever since. It's just an oven glove from Amazon for under £5 and it works wonders. It speeds up the cleaning process as the glove does half the work, although yes it does look a little odd and my Mum thought I was strange for buying it, it's so worth it.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

Prosecco Evening // Sunset over London // London Marathon // Beach mornings 

I feel like I've been constantly on the go recently, after this post talking about my dissertation stress, it's finally over!!! I've handed it in (last week to be exact) and I've not stopped since. I was in London last weekend to celebrate a few things, and as well as that my brother ran the London Marathon! I'm so incredibly proud of him, and he ran it in 3hours 56 minutes which I think is so impressive, as I don't even think I could walk the 26 miles he ran! In my opinion, anyone who runs the marathon is incredible, and I wish I could do it myself. In addition to my brother completing the marathon he raised over £50, 000 for Brain Tumour Research which is extraordinary!

I'm finally going to be back in the swing of beauty posts as I've been planning lots of posts whilst I've been away. I've also been doing a bit of makeup shopping so I'll be sharing those with you all soon too!

What have you been up to lately?

 L'Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick 200 Like A Virgin - £6.99

A few weeks ago I wrote this blog post about my new purchases from Boots and this was one of them. When I ordered it I'd not read any reviews about the lipstick, and I hadn't even seen anyone mentioning it so I was surprised when it arrived. 

l'oreal infallible matte max lipstick,
The applicator is not what I was expecting, and it reminds me of an eyeshadow stick. I was curious as to how this would work for picking up the product. As you can see from the photo above, all of the lipstick itself is in the lid and you just dip it in the end and voila. I quite like the idea of the applicator, although it took a few uses to get used to it, purely because it's not what I expected! The shade itself isn't the shade I expected, it's a lot more bright than the swatch on the Boots website, but it's perfect for Spring. 

l'oreal infallible matte max lipstick, lipstick swatch,
It's wearable for both day time and evening, without being too in your face for the day time. I've been loving wearing it to uni and going out for the day. The staying power is pretty good too, but after a few hours of chatting and drinking coffee, it does need to be touched up. It's not drying on the lips either which is great, as we all know that matte lipsticks can be.

I have enjoyed wearing this lipstick and I'm glad it's in my collection as it's my current go to everyday lipstick for Spring! I'm definitely going to pick up a few more shades I have my eyes on (001 and 006 so far are looking like the ones to try next).

Have you tried these lipsticks?

In the UK we've had a 4 day weekend, and it's been so nice to have some time off to spend with my friends, family and boyfriend. Although I should have been writing my dissertation, but it's been nice to have a few days off to relax.
On Friday my boyfriend and I went to visit a local farm and it was a really lovely morning. We even got to feed to goats which was fun, and petting all the animals was great. 

We then popped into a restaurant called Nonna's and had the most delicious lunch, and there's a photo of my starter above on the left. I had an Easter lunch with my family earlier on today and it was delicious, my Dad's cooking is top notch and I really miss it when I'm at uni. I also can't complain if I'm getting pigs in blankets in March!!

My boyfriend and I also popped to a local garden centre as something to do on Saturday, and had a coffee and they even gave us a mini egg with our drinks which was a cute touch. On Friday we also had our first BBQ of the year (whilst the weather was holding up in England) and it was so nice to feel summery. I loved it, and the sun being out was a perfect addition to our Easter weekend.

What have you done this weekend? I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter!

My posts have been few and far between recently, and although I doubt many people have noticed I'm just writing a little post to let you all know why. As I'm sure you can guess from the title, it's about my dissertation. 

My dissertation is due in less than a month, and even writing that fills me with anxiety. I've written about 100/10,000 words so the pressure is on. The struggle with my course is that because I do Psychology, I have to conduct an experiment and analyse my results before I can even consider writing it up. Now, if anyone is familiar with Psychology you may also be familiar with the dreaded SPSS - it's basically ruining my life (slightly overdramatic there aha!) but it's a horrible programme and I don't get on with it. Instead of my Easter break being filled with catching up with friends over a bottle of wine, I'm on my laptop working through pages of statistics and pulling my hair out.

This then leaves me little time for myself, I mean I haven't even painted my nails in about a week and that never happens! I cannot wait until I can hand it in and be free! I also had a presentation on Monday, a deadline on Wednesday and I haven't even had time to catch up properly with my family yet. 

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I'm trying to find time to blog but it's few and far between so I apologise for the sporadic posts for the next few weeks. However, when I've handed in my dreaded dissertation, normal blogging will resume and the posts will be back!

If you have any advice for my dissertation please do let me know as I'm struggling with motivation at the moment!

Until fairly recently I didn't really bother taking care of my hair that well, I'd shampoo and condition it but that'd be about it. That all changed when I bought these two hair products. I picked them both up about a month ago and I've been loving them ever since. Before we start, my hair is quite long and goes past my boobs and so I really do need to take care of it!

I picked up the Garnier Ultimate Blends Serum because my Mum recommended it to me as she had a sample and loved it. I apply about 2 drops to the ends of my hair as soon as I get out of the shower and my hair is so much softer for doing it. You really do only need a tiny amount and it has made a huge difference to the condition of my hair. 

The Ogx Coconut Oil Mist was the second hair care product I picked up, and to be honest it was the coconut scent that drew me in. It smells divine and it's made my hair so much more shiny. With this oil it recommends that you apply it to towel dried hair, and then style as desired. I apply a few sprays of this to the mid-end lengths of my hair, and it's been working wonders. I've never tried anything from the Ogx range before but I'd really like to considering I love this product so much.

Overall, I really notice the difference if I forget to use these products for a few days. My hair feels and looks a lot healthier for using these and I'm so glad I picked them up. They're both affordable and I do recommend them highly.

Do you use any oils or serums on your hair?

I've been debating writing this post for quite a while now as its a topic very close to my heart and extremely personal. I realised that if I can help raise awareness, then it's worth talking about. 

March is brain tumour awareness month, and the 24th March is wear a hat day (more on that in a minute) so I thought it was the perfect time to talk about it. Now, cancer is scary and we all know that, and many people don't like talking about it but I believe awareness still needs to be raised. 

Brain Tumour Research only receives less than 1% national cancer research spending in the UK, yet more children and adults under 40 die from brain tumours than any other cancer. That's some scary statistics, and I honestly wasn't even personally aware of these stats until it became a topic close to my heart. 

This month, Brain Tumour Research are holding their annual 'Wear A Hat Day' which is a way of raising money for the charity, and it's as easy as it sounds. If you sign up you will be sent a free fundraising pack and go from there. This is a simple but fun way to raise money and can be quite a laugh at the same time. If you're interested in signing up, you still have time to do so just follow this link here. Or if this doesn't take your fancy there is an A-Z of ideas for fundraising which you can view here

This post may not be written very well, however it's been quite difficult for me to write about this and I just wanted to raise awareness surrounding Brain Tumour Research. 

Have you ever heard of Wear A Hat Day before?